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Frontline Plus for dogs is a monthly topical 'spot on' application for the treatment and prevention of flea infestation and control of brown dog ticks, paralysis ticks and biting lice on dogs and puppies.

  • Kills adult fleas for at least one month
  • Prevents development of flea eggs, larvae and pupae in pets environment
  • Treats and controls flea allergy dermatitis
  • Controls paralysis ticks for up to 2 weeks
  • Controls brown dog ticks and biting lice for one month
  • Rapid onset of action
  • Water fast

Daily searching of dogs is necessary to minimise the risk of tick paralysis.


Choose an area where licking cannot occur e.g. on the back of the neck. Part the hair until skin is visible and apply tip of pipette onto the skin. Squeeze several times to empty pipette. Apply to dry unbroken skin only. Treat all cats and dogs in the home for effective flea control.


Dogs may be treated with Frontline Plus following bathing and shampooing once they are dry. The product will spread over the coat of the animal within 24 hours. Once spread, Frontline Plus is waterfast. It is recommended not to bath or shampoo dogs during the 48 hours after treatment. Thereafter, bathing, water immersion or exposure to sunlight will not reduce the efficiency of Frontline Plus.


Frontline Plus has demonstrated a significant margin of safety for use in dogs and puppies over 8 weeks of age and in breeding, pregnant and lactating bitches. If licking occurs shortly after application, a brief period of hyper-salivation may occur due to the taste of the vehicle. Do not use Frontline Plus if you or your pet have a known hypersensitivity to insecticides or alcohol.

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