• Brand: Aqua One
  • Model: KS595
  • Weight: 1.25 (KG)
  • Size Info: 1200
  • Availability: in stock

Price : $22.95

Economy Pellets Small


AQUA ONE ECONOMY FISH FOOD is floating and will not cloud water. Economy food has been developed to provide complete nutrion for all fish types.


When water tempreture is 10deg or above, feed two to four times daily ir as much as your fish can consume in approximately three minutes. When water tempreture is below 10deg feed only 2-3 times per week and only as much as your fish are capable of consuming within apporximately three minutes.


Fish meal, wheat flour, wheat germ meal, dried yeast, soya bean, alfalfa meal, riboflavin, vitamin A complement, Vitamin C, B2, B12, D and other trace minerals

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